H:E:A:R:T: is a dance performance about the female form of resistance

A dance performance in three parts with video and sound installation

I   The Good Heart

II  Resistance

III Aufhebung – Tryptic

Resistance as a sociopolitical activity is in modern understatement a form of disobedience or opposition, refusing injustice or other ethical absence and advocating policies and principles in the natural and social realms. Resistance can have different forms and expressions from violent to non-harming activities. At the core of H:E:A:R:T: is the idea of resistance as a possibility of regeneration and transcendence. Awareness, recognition as well as empathy are conditions of knowledge and transformation, going beyond dichotomy and conflict. This attitude in resistance could be characterized as female and is inherent in all human beings. Its characteristics are often represented by the symbol of the heart, in its cultural/religious and physical meanings of connectivity, care, and cure, sharing, creation, transcendence. I structured the work in three units whereby the third unit has three parts itself. By the German word Aufhebung is given the complex definition of the “good heart” as the meaning of this word is threefold: 1 )preserve, conserve; 2) abolish, suspend 3) transcend, sublate.