rachela abbate 24_ontology-x-stampa-845x845 the truth of virtuality
The Truth of Virtuality, 2015, is composed of 25 digital prints, each 24×24 cm

The work The Truth of Virtuality is composed of single photographs of moments describing definitions and categories of thinking. If put together, these images create a mosaic-like expandable net. Rhizome-like, single images can be the starting point of another net or agglomeration. The model for this work is the communication of the brains and the nerve-net which have similarities with digital nets. This work will be continued whereby colors, definitions, and drawings are changed.

The work The Truth of Virtuality was shown in the group exhibition The Truth of the Labyrinth in 2015 at the gallery Spazio Testoni in Bologna, Italy, and at the gallery Belo 189 in the frame of the project Labrys curated by Giorgia Gastaldon in 2017 in Trieste, Italy.

rachela abbate on-wall-by-rachela-Abbate-710x1024 the truth of virtuality

The Truth of Virtuality – essay