Collecting fragments for an imaginary embodiment:

Pharmakon (from Greek φάρμακον):

1) remedy; 2) poison; 3) scapegoat

The disease as a potential for consciousness transformation towards life, memory, and empathy of the individual and in its connectivity as a social body.

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rachela abbate 110-Beyond-Pharmakon-mit-Rand-©Rachela-Abbate-copie-2-845x597 beyond pharmakon
# 110 Beyond Pharmakon, Photographic print (archival pigment ink on print), 83,5 x 120 cm – was shown at the Thailand Biennale 2021 in Korat

Different strands of the projects:

  • The Portraits

In their activities, artists, curators, and researchers open up possibilities of discourse as they deal with multileveled and alternative realities and therefore “treat and cure” social awareness

  • H:E:A:R:T: -dance project

H:E:A:R:T: is a dance performance about the female form of resistance. A dance performance in three parts with video and sound installations.

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  • Tissues – Installations

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