rachela abbate 3_starbox space courses

Researches about the Arabic cultural revolution, Arabic history and Arabic classical art were part of my work method by which I combine mapping and concepts of space and structure.
The apparent transit between abstract representation of motions and relations of bodies in a non-architectural, not concrete perceived, space (like the cosmic space) in form of maps and the application of such observations as abstract laws in the concrete perceived space as they are represented in architecture and Islamic patterns. The question hereby is how absolute  knowledge and observations are and how to convert  this knowledge in individual experience of relativity of such “laws”. As the courses of the cosmic bodies repeat they were embedded in mathematical geometrical laws. Change can take place through combination in the representation. These combinations are not limited by the representation of field observations, they include architectural structures considering them as socio-historical sediments.

The impossibility and incorrectness of the combination’s coherence can be significant.