Earth’s Move (what happens when you breathe)

2017, digital animation, 2:33

In this animation is reflected on meanings of the concept of unity which comprehends the idea of unity as individuality and as agglomeration. These concepts are pictured as circles multiplying and interlacing themselves in a continuous move.  Everything is connected and moved by breathing.

Space is a condition of possibility of thinking. What happens if we review this condition and redefine space? The animation video Earth’s Move (What happens when you breathe) is a reflection on unity as space concept, minimally pictured in circles as spaces of different dimensions limited by round lines. By using reduced images in black and white with some flashing gaps of colors in the beginning and end of the video, the focus lays on the movement of the circles which appear to become one and to shift again separately as many, and on the sound of continuous breathing and a cello arrangement.

The meaning of unity includes two concepts, one is the idea of individuality and the other the idea of agglomeration of individualities. Unity, as every space, despite its dimension is defined by its limits. In other words, limits are the definition of space and we use to think along with these limits. Equally to the tangible aspects, space can be created as well by repetitions of movements or rhythms, as we know from energetic fields or as a phenomenon of rituals. The breath is a rhythmic movement and transports, next to the vital elements, our energies. With this rhythm, we create spaces and move through dimensions. In continuing this perspective on a global level, we can think to create space with every breath together with other beings on this Earth, including the Earth itself. Then, space is an interlacement of movements with and through all the breathing. Our breathing is a movement in unity with others. Under this aspect remains the question, how we redefine then space and limits.

This video work was inspired by the writings of F. Nietzsche (especially, The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music) and is part of my investigations of space and its functions and concepts. In art, we think in a different space which, inserted in the common space, opens up possibilities of transformation.

I define this space as non-space: a “gap”, a discontinuity of physical and immaterial structures through translation activity in artistic operation. The non-space initiates reflection and alternative mental processes toward awareness and autonomy. In other words, the non-space is an aesthetic reflection on the different social imaginary, creating a momentum of perspective change. In contemporary environments, the concept of space changes deeply due to political, environmental, economic, social, and technological developments with a profound global impact on the collective and the single being. In these changes, I see a possibility of involvements of art in raising awareness on different levels and therefore allowing changes toward utopian visions.



• Earth’s move was selected for the  2018 Desert Edge Global Film Festival in Rajasthan, India December 27 – 30, 2018. The screening is December 27 between 5:45 pm and 9 pm.

• To see during the exhibition 17 Days (vol.11), in which are screened 17 video works by international artists, at the Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University – from November 13 – December 12, 2018, the exhibition goes from October 30, 2018 – May 1, 2019; and at The Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery – Alfred State College during the exhibition from November 12 – December 11, 2018, at day #2, November 13, 2018. The shows are curated by Adriane Little.

• This video was shown first at the group exhibition Mirabilium Archiva, a project by Giorgia Gastaldon for Palinsesti in 2017. An exhibition sustained by the Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia; City of San Vito al Tagliamento. And under the patronage of and in collaboration with the University of Udine, The voluntary group for the culture of San Vito al Tagliamento, Foundation Aldo Furlan, I.S.I.S. “Paolo Sarpa” of San Vito al Tagliamento, A.S.D. Passione Arte Danza, Pordenone.