or Albiruni’s best of all possible worlds

rachela abbate geodesy_exhibition-view_3 geodesy - theodicy
2017, installation, 24 geometrical drawings in sand, 200 x 300 cm; Mirabilium Archiva Palinsesti, San Vito al Tagliamento

This piece is inspired by the work of the great medieval scientist Al Biruni (around AD1000). In this installation were reproduced in a floor covering sand layer the geometric drawings of his studies and research which included the Earth’s rotation and gravitation. The sand (silica) in this installation indicates its use for constructions and objects productions, and sand once was used like a blackboard to outline geometric ideas as well.With the ephemeral installation Geodesy – Theodicy I intend to indicate to the foundations in former scientific thinking, namely religion and philosophy, embracing all aspects of nature and the human being and her potential. So was, for example, Al Biruni a great intellect in religious studies. In Geodesy – Theodicy are combined basic space concepts: the existing space; its two-dimensional representation which is in the same time a space used to imagine the not-visible space as it is, for instance, the cosmic space and the bodies within; and the space in which structures are built, based on the two-dimensional space-envisions. What kind of thinking, belief, or aim is the motivation for searching the connection between the visible and invisible matter?

This work was shown first at the group exhibition Mirabilium Archiva, a project by Giorgia Gastaldon for Palinsesti in 2017. An exhibition sustained by the Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia; City of San Vito al Tagliamento. And under the patronage of and in collaboration with the University of Udine, The voluntary group for the culture of San Vito al Tagliamento, Foundation Aldo Furlan, I.S.I.S. “Paolo Sarpa” of San Vito al Tagliamento, A.S.D. Passione Arte Danza, Pordenone.